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Total Skin Transformation!!


I only received basic care and not any other expensive procedures since I'm a student and don't have money. I reserved 6 treatment sessions... I know it would have been better to try some other lasers and all that, but I just couldn't afford it!

So for my acne care I received whitening+scaling+pimple squeezing.

I was really unsure about whether it would be ok with just the basic care, but what can I say, I'm poor. :(

Anyway, I still started to see some results after 3 months. I don't have any acne scars or enlarged pores, so I was able to go straight to laser treatment. The doctor recommended it because my face was a bit red and had some discoloration from past acne.

I opted for the laser toning, which was the cheapest option available. :(

4 sessions + whitening treatment x5 + IPL

I received some other laser good for redness and RF laser for free. THANK YOU FOR THAT!! I think it was because I made such a big deal about not having money.. haha

Anyway, now I'm doing toning.. and G beam? I don't even remember the name :P

It's been 7 months already.

I really recommend Renewme Skin Clinic!