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Rejuran Healer Injector, REJUMATE


[Rejuran Healer Injector, REJUMATE]


Hello^^ This is one of workers at Hwagok branch of Renewme Skin Clinic.

These days the weather is dry and cold from windy. We feel dry our face more than other seasons. Even if we change moisturizer products or essence line, it doesn’t help our skin to moisture for a day. I got Rejuran with Rejumate recently that launched at Renewme Skin clinic.




In my case, my skin gets dry with makeup or in fall and even winter season I feel uncomfortable even if I can also use a moisturizing cream frequently. The skin changes rapidly in fall, so now I tried to apply a lot of creams every time. It also made me more wrinkles and less Elasticity.  It’s not happy to my face look dull and dark with dryness. Finally, There was a good opportunity to receive Rejuran healer and I had a procedure during lunch time at Renewme.




During treatment, I don’t feel discomfort. I had a little bit embossing phenomenon The skin surface has bumps due to the vacuum) after procedure. But, It subsided it with no bruising and redness next day.Before treatment, I applied cream a lot every time but, The most amazing thing is that I just cleaned up my skin with a skin care at night. 

My face is glowing and moisturizing with shine...♡


 At that time, I truly felt it. This is 100% moisture filling~^^​


I recommend Rejuran Healther with Rejumate that I can feel more skin boosting and moisturizing.

I also didn't feel pain with rejumate (rejuran healer injector)

Please check Rejuran healer & Rejumate below