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New Excel-V Treatment Review


I went to Renewme Hwagok branch to treat my facial redness.


I went there by chance through Internet searching, and I found that Renewme Clinic has new laser called Excel-V.

I was worried at first because it's an open hospital, but soon I was impressed by the kind service and

careful treatment.


Of course the treatment effect is what's most important, but it doesn't show well in the picture because it's face redness. Well, it seems a lot better than before although it's still a bit red.

Face redness reduced after 3~5 sessions of treatment, doctor recommended 3 times for my case. Even for

first time of treatment, I feel redness of my face improved. 

Excel-V has 3 types of Laser treatment

I got Genesis laser treatment and I am satisfied with the result because my face redness is almost gone and

even freckles are removed from my face. After I receive Excel-V treatment, my friends ask me about the effects and

cost, I told my friends Excel-V was very effective and not cost much. Renewme clinic doctor said Exel-V Laser is

best treatment for face redness because virtually painless and the results are quite dramatic. 

I thank Doctor Go Na Young very verry much.

I love Renewme Excel-V treatment

I will visit Rewnewme more often and leave my review next time.