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Cryolipolysis for abdomen


After I moved to Korea I gained a lot of weight because of stress and because my family ate a lot.

Actually, there used to be a time where I was slim ~~~

But even then I was light but I still had some belly fat.

I was really concerned about my stomach, so I was so excited when I finally had the chance to try out cryolipolysis, which is a really hot procedure in Korea right now.


So I had to change first into the gown and the skirt that they gave me.


Before the procedure the staff put some kind of patch on my stomach, to protect my skin from the ice.


After that they put a plastic sheet on top. This indicates exactly where the handpiece should go.

Once the preparation is done the doctor puts on the handpiece and you need to wait for about 45 minutes.

This cryolipolysis machine has 2 handpieces so it's more effective than the older versions.

For example if you want to treat your abdomen area,

with the old equipment you need to do the same thing twice. With cryolipolysis you can do two areas under the same 45 minutes.



I was told that it might hurt a little, but it was actually painless. I just felt like... my stomach sort of froze?

I think if your skin is veryyyyy sensitive then it might hurt a little.

The staff and the doctor leave you alone in the room for 45 minutes.

They gave me a little hand bell, which I could ring if I was uncomfortable or if I needed help with anything.

So this is me right after the procedure. Since it destroys the fat cells you feel very numb after for a while. The staff told me to massage the area in a circular motion if i was feeling numb.



This is me in late June, three weeks after cryolipolysis.

I am very satisfied with the results.

Of course, I exercised lightly and tried to watch my diet as well.

Hopefully the next time I receive treatment I will see even better results. ^^