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I moved to Korea a few years ago and ate too many yummy things, so i gained a lot of weight. But even when I was a lot skinnier my stomach was never fat, no matter how much weight I lost.

I was just about to give up when I heard about this mini-liposuction at Renewme Skin Clinic. So I went for consultation and first the doctor designed my treatment area.


Then the doctor injected some anesthesia and something to dissolve the fat, so the procedure would be painless and easy. After waiting for a while the doctor used a suction to remove my fat.




This is all the fat that was extracted from my belly...

You are probably really curious whether the procedure was painful. The anesthetic injection hurt a little, but after that I didn't feel much. And there was some swelling but it was gone after a week. The doctor said I would see results after all the swelling is gone, and I'm really looking forward to it~